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Ever since he was a young child, Mack had a love and an affinity for art. In his early years, his art teachers took notice of his talent for fine art and encouraged him to enter competitions and create ever more intricate pieces. With his mother’s support, and Mack’s talent, he was able to attend a prestigious performing arts high school. There, Mack fell in love with graphic design and continued to hone his craft as a hobby while he pursued a career in sales and built a family with his high school sweetheart.

Mack began his professional career in the music industry in 2018 doing cover art / Flyers for various artists. When a friend needed a music video shot, Mack asked for the opportunity, having never even picked up a video camera. After that video shoot, a passion was ignited in Mack that combined his lifelong passion and gift for art and his deep love of music.
Mack continued to shoot and edit music videos for local talent and attracting ever bigger names by pushing the boundaries of what was considered “acceptable” in rap videos.
As bigger names took note of Mack’s talent, Mack pursued more training in ever more complex methods of design and developing a love of VFx  in film brought about being a 3D artist.

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